Out on the west coast where it all began
down in California, some call the promise land
Live the Mongols M.C. They stand a head above the rest
Yeah we've met the challenge and passed the test

Now at the heart of those Brothers
who stand a head above the rest
Live Chapter 13, the best of the best
The Chapter was established back in '74
When a Brother name Melo opened the door

Up in Delano one hot summer night
Ol mellow Melo got into a fight
He beat in some faces and kicked some ass
Then sat down at the bar to finish his glass

When it was time to call it a night
Ol Brother Melo went out to his bike
But the cowardly punks he'd whipped in the bar
Were laying in wait outside by their car

They shot and they shot through their sights
And then they ran off like rats in the night
Our Brother lay dead. He chartered Chapter 13
The best of the best of Mongols M.C.

Now over the years the chapter has grown
The numbers add up, Ol' Melo's not alone
The reason for this is known far and wide
We never back down. We live Mongol pride

So if you should go there and meet my old Bros.
Better watch what you say, don't step on no toes
You're in Mongol country and it's real plain to see
We're Mongols Forver - Forever Mongols M.C.

- Poor Boy